Murder on the Orient Express 2001

I watched Murder On the Orient Express (2001) on Wednesday. It has Alfred Molina, Meredith Baxter, Nicolas Chagrin, Amira Casar, David Hunt, Adam James, and Peter Strauss.

Warning: there is a little bit of violence.Quick Summary: Poirot is on a train called The Orient Express. A body is discovered to be of a criminal in a kidnapping case. Poirot solves the murder.

There are many differences between the movie and book:

  1. This a modern version so there is talk of airplanes, computers, and cell phones.

2. Poirot doesn’t ask for water in this version. He does in the book.

3. There were 12 stab wounds in the book. In this movie version, there were only nine

4. In this movie version, there was videotape, instead of a burned note.

5. No pipe cleaner was found, it was a stylus.

6. Mrs. Hubbard wasn’t loud in this version.

7. Some of the characters had modern jobs ( like computer software, personal trainer)

I didn’t really like this version. It doesn’t fit the era. Also, I think it was too rushed. I’m watching next the 2017 version. Next Monday I’m watching Hidden Figures.

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