Sharp Objects

I finished reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. There is a tv show on HBO that is based on the book. I had taped the first episode and I hope to see the rest of the episodes on the computer soon.

Warning: this book is addicting. I couldn’t stop reading it. Warning 2: there is some violence, sad parts, and gross parts.

In this book, a woman named Camille Preaker is a reporter. Her boss asks her to return to her hometown to cover a missing girl case. It is not an ordinary missing girl case because another girl was murdered a few months before. That murdered girl had her teeth ripped out. Camille helps search for the girl until the girl turns up dead. Everyone thinks one guy is guilty, but the killer is someone totally unexpected.

I have read that the show is a little bit different. So far the first episode did have two differences. I did like the book. I found out her other book (Dark Places) is a movie on Netflix. So I will be reading it soon. Now I’m reading The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor.

You can find this book at,, and

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