Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower

I finished reading The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower by Stephen King. There are eight books in the books series.

Warning: Have tissues ready.  Warning 2: there is some violence and some gross parts.

This is the last book of the Dark Tower book series. In this book, Roland and the gang make their way to the Dark Tower. On the way, there are some deaths (two I think shouldn’t have happened). Susannah leaves Roland to rediscover the people she lost along the way. Roland does make it to the Dark Tower and discovers what is at the top of the tower.

   My Thoughts

Like I have said before I am sad and relieved for this journey to end. I’m sad because I really have enjoyed this journey. It took so long to read it because I did some nightmares from reading it and I did want to make it last. This is the first of Stephen King’s work I didn’t want to throw at the wall. I gave the book 4 stars on Goodreads because of the two deaths I think shouldn’t have happened. In the book, you have a choice of reading what Roland discovers at the top of the Tower. I chose to read it because like him I heard the Dark Tower calling. I do feel sorry for Roland of what he finds at the top. I wonder if Crimson King would have gotten up at the top if he would have seen the same thing Roland did?

Now I’m listening to Origin by Dan Brown. I may have to read it because I may have to reset my Kindle.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, and Kobo.com.

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