The Secret World of Arrietty

I watched The Secret World of Arrietty yesterday. I had taped it when Starz was a free preview. It is an animated movie. It has Bridgit Mendler, Moises Arias, David Henrie, Will Arnett, Carol Burnett, Amy Poehler, Saoirse Ronan, and Tom Holland in it.

In this movie, a boy named Shawn/Sho has to live with his aunt so he can have peace and quiet before his surgery. But he discovers a little girl in the bushes outside. Her name is Arrietty. She is a Borrower. He tries to become friends with her, but as a rule, if any of the Borrowers is discovered they have to leave.

I did like the movie. It is based on a book series that I might read someday. Next week I’m watching Shorts. It’s a movie about a rock.

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