A discovery of my own

After I got back from my mountain trip, we discovered that my uncle’s cats loved one of my cat’s toys. Since I had to bring back that toy with me, my mother and I decided to get a new one for my uncle’s cats. We also decided to get some new food too.

So I got Lily a can of Tiki Cats and a few cans of Canidae. She loves both brands, but they are pricey when you get a case of it. I had known that Instagc.com has Petco gift cards. I usually get Amazon gift cards through Instagc. But the gift cards are 1000 points for a 10 dollar gift card. More than what I’m used to. But I decided to make it a goal.

Then I discovered that SwagBucks has Petco gift cards too. Although the points there for Petco gift cards is 2220 which is more than I’m used to. I used to get Amazon Gift cards through Swagbucks.

I was going to do run both websites at the same time on two browsers. It was driving me crazy because one of them wouldn’t work. I decided to download the Opera browser to see if it would help. The videos looked funny, but they ran. This morning I thought that a setting was making the video look funny. It was. I changed that setting and I found out Firefox has that same setting under another setting. So I changed that setting on Firefox.

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