While reading Song of Susannah (which I just finished reading), I was confused at one point. Mia, the spirit that hijacked Susannah, told her that Discordia was in the center with the beams pointing outward. I originally thought Roland said that the Dark Tower was in the center and the beam pointed outward. I thought maybe Discordia was interchangeable, but then she mentions the Dark Tower.

So I looked it up on Google to find out if it’s actual place in the book. When I did find out there is a computer game called Discordia. It’s a puzzle game like the computer game Myst. The graphics were a little graphic, but very cool. The places in the game are found in the last two books of the Dark Tower book series. Supposedly there a shooting part too. But I didn’t do the shooting part. I did kinda cheated myself though because it does give details of what happens in the last two books.

The game is only two chapters long. I hope he makes more chapters to it. Here is the website for the game: https://stephenking.com/darktower/discordia/

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