The Bronze

I watched  The Bronze yesterday. It was one of the movies I taped when the movie channels were free previews. It has Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Sebastian Stan, Haley Lu Richardson, Dominique Dawes, Olga Korbut, Dominique Moceanu, and Thomas Middleditch.

Warning: there is lots of cussing and one sex scene.

This movie was supposed to funny, but it’s not funny to me. It was an ok movie. It’s about a gymnast named Hope. She’s bitter because she lost after she had an injury. Her old coach dies and she gets a letter saying to be a coach to another gymnast and she will receive some money. So she does for the money, but she later finds out there is no money, but she coaches anyway.

Next week I’m watching Master of the Drunken Fist: Beggar So. It is another martial art movie I taped.

The Dark Tower III: THe Waste Lands

I finished reading The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands by Stephen King. There are eight books in the series.

Warning: there is some violence and some disturbing scenes.

Before I begin my summary, I should say that I got lost in the book and keep forgetting that Stephen King wrote it. It’s that good. I really enjoy it.

In this book, Roland, Eddie, and Susannah made their way to the forest. Eddie and Susannah learned some shooting. Roland slowly was losing his mind because he saved Jake. (Jake was supposed to die in his world, but Roland saves him. He couldn’t see him die a third time.) Eddie remembers about craving wood so he begins to do that. He also sees a key and a rose in a fire. He craves a key out of wood. Meanwhile, Jake also loses his mind too. He buys two books that help the team later on. He also sees that rose and kinds the key. He goes to a haunted house and unlocks a door that brings him to Roland’s world. Jake joins them. They make their way to a city filled with old people. The old people tell them about the train and the city named Lud. Lud is a terrible city. It is modernized but filled with crazy people. Jake gets kidnapped but gets rescued by Roland. They made it to the train that has a plan to kill itself and them unless they can tell him riddles.

Now I’m reading The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. It is a three book series. After I read those three books, I’ll continue with The Dark Tower series.

You can get this book at,, and

The Month of March

I have a little bit of a cough. I decided not to take Theraflu last night to see if I could sleep without it.

March is not really busy for me. I will have to celebrate my birthday with my mother which I hope to do soon.

St. Patrick’s Day is the 17th. I will be wearing green.

March 13th a new show is coming on that I have been waiting on. It is called For The People.

I might be getting my hair cut this month.

The picture below is the first coloring I did while I was sick.