Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

I finished reading Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass by Stephen King. It is actually a re-read for me. I read it many years ago, but back then it didn’t make sense to me because I hadn’t read the first three books. It does make sense now. Plus I had to re-read it because all I could remember was that Roland was in it and riddles. I couldn’t remember if the others were in it. There are eight books in the Dark Tower book series.

Warning: there is some violence and some disturbing scenes.

In this book, Roland and the others are on the train. They are supposed to be telling the trains riddles, but Roland makes a big speech to the train. He makes a deal where they will try to stump the train in exchange for their lives. Eddie ends up being the one who stumps the train. Once they are off the train, they discover they are in Kansas (not ours). The people of this Kansas is dead. (a super flu killed the people. Which is kinda scary right now with this new strain going on in our present.) They find a thinny at the end of the road. (a thinny is a door to other worlds. It reminds me of the Regulators because the thinnys grow.) The thinny has the sound of a musical saw. (I love that sound, but to hear it all day long can be hurtful to the ears.) Roland gives the others bullets to put in their ears to lessen the sound. They go through the thinny. They move safely away from it and make camp. While there, Roland tells them the story of his first love, Susan. When he was younger, Roland was sent away with his best friend and another friend to another town. Roland meets a girl (Susan) and falls in love with her. They discover a secret and dangerous plot that some of the town people are planning. Roland sees Susan get killed in a wizard’s glass. Roland and the others are transmitted in the land of OZ. In order to get back on the Beam, they have to witness something terrible in Roland’s life. When they get back to the Beam, Roland tries to get them to leave the quest to the Dark Tower. They all tell him no and so they follow the Beam again.

I loved this book. Now I’m listening to Smashed by Koren Zailckas.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.


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