The Big Boss

I watched The Big Boss yesterday. This is the last martial arts movie I taped. It has Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, Ying-Chieh Han, Tony Liu, James Tien, and Chia-Chen Tu.

Big Warning: lots of violence.

Before I begin my summary I did like this movie, but I didn’t like the sound effects. They were very distracting. I’m so glad that got rid of sound effects now.

In this movie, a man named Cheng Chao-an made a pact to not fight. He goes to a town where his cousins work in an ice factory. The owner of the factory is a drug lord. He is putting drugs in the ice. Cheng accidentally broke some ice and two of his cousins saw the drugs. They become “missing.” Actually, they were killed and put in ice. Then some more of Cheng’s cousins go missing. Cheng breaks his promise and fights. His cousins get killed. he ends up killing the owner of the factory.

Next week I’m watching Bulletproof Monk.

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