The Testing

I finished reading The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. It is the first of a three book series.  My hairdresser suggested this book last year. I decided to read it since I’m getting my haircut Tuesday.  This book is a YA book.

Warning: If you couldn’t stand reading or seeing The Hunger Games, this book is not you. But this book does make you think.

This book is like The Hunger Games. In this book, when kids graduate high school, they are selected to do a thing called The Testing. The government makes the students do it. Once a student passes The Testing, they can go to the university. A girl named  Cia is picked to do the Testing. Her colony hasn’t picked a candidate in ten years. There is a reason why which revealed later in the book. Cia learns from her father that The Testing is more than a test. Cia does pass the written and hands-on tests. She and Tomas barely make out alive in the final test.

I really really enjoyed this book. It does make you think about leaders and what could happen in the future. Now I’m reading Independent Study by Joelle Charbooneau. It is the second book of the book series.

You can get this book at,, and


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