The Splintered Icon

I finished reading  The Splintered Icon by Bill Napier. It was also published as Shattered Icon in the UK.  I bought the book a few years ago because one of the quotes said it was like Dan Brown’s books.

Warning: the book is a little slow at first.  Warning 2: there is some violence.

The Splintered (Shattered) Icon is about an icon. Harry Blake is an antique map and bookseller (it reminds of Steve Berry). He is called to look into a journal. The journal was written in a shorthand. The diary is of the Roanoke expedition. It was written by a boy named James Ogilvie. There was an icon aboard that ship and a plan to overthrow Queen Elizabeth. Harry Blake’s client then gets killed and the client’s daughter takes his place as the client. Harry Blake also recruits a friend of his Zola Khan on the mission to find the Icon before they are killed. A man who use being a priest as a cover wanted the icon as a way to attack several churches.   Harry, Zola, and Debbie (the daughter) do find the icon and Debbie sell the icon so she can be free of her uncle.

I did like this book even though it was slow at first. Now I’m reading The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory. I will be watching the movie on Monday.

You can get this book at,, and


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