The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

I finished reading The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of The Three by Stephen King. There are eight books in the Dark Tower book series.

Warning: there is some weirdness and some violence.

In this book, Roland is sitting on the sand waiting on the drawing of the three. Some lobster looking things come out of the sea and attack him. He is missing some toes and some fingers. He then gets very sick. (In the movie The Dark Tower, Roland is sick, but he is not missing fingers or toes and it doesn’t tell how he got sick.) He sees a door in the middle of nowhere (a thinny). He opens the door and he goes into someone’s mind. That someone is the prisoner. Eddie is a drug addict. He does help Roland get some medicine. Roland takes him to the beach and they journey to a second door. They both go into a woman’s mind. She is the lady of the shadows. She has multiple personalities. She attacks them both.  The three of them do journey to the third door. Roland goes into a man’s mind. This man is the pusher. Roland finds out this man is the one who messed up the woman and pushes Jake to his first death. So Roland makes the man jump on subway tracks for punishment. Jake lives.

I liked this book even though it was very weird. I’m still waiting on the next book to movie book. I’m taking a small break from Stephen King. I’m reading next Splintered Icon (or Shattered Icon in the UK) by Bill Napier.

You can get this book at,,, and

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