I finished listening to Horns by Joe Hill.

Warning:  there is some sad parts in it and some violence.

Before I begin my summary,  This book shows how terrible people and society has gotten. My preacher actually preached about how our thoughts should be on Godly things and not terrible things.

Horns is about a man named Ignatius Perrish. He is accused of raping and killing his girlfriend. One morning he woke up with horns growing out his head. The night before he was drunk and peed on a statue of the virgin Mary. The statue was where his girlfriend had died. He thought he was crazy until his lover asked him if she could have more donuts. He thought this was really crazy. Then everyone he saw told him terrible things like a little girl wanting to kill her mother, the priest saying he wanted Ig to kill himself and he would help him, and his parents saying they don’t want him there. His father admitted that he let his friend burn the lab that had the evidence of the murder in it. Ig didn’t kill his girlfriend. He was drunk and parked outside an abandoned restaurant. His brother does confess that he knew who killed her. Ig does get revenge.

I did like the book, but I sorta didn’t like the end.  I did watch the movie and I will post about it on Tuesday.  I’m waiting on my next book to movie book so I decided to read The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of The Three by Stephen King next.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Amazon.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.

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