The month of January

I didn’t say on  Tuesday what I got with my gift cards. With my Kohls card, I got a dark green ribbed shirt. It’s really soft and it fits. I now want the shirt in two other colors.

When me and Chris went to exchange the size of the Sailor Moon jacket he got me, I got the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I wanted to get Sucker Punch, but the store didn’t have it. Yes, I have seen both movies. I also got another bottle of hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

With the gift cards, I got some underwear and two wallets. One wallet for my best friend for next Christmas, and one wallet for my mother for her birthday.

Speaking of her birthday it is the 29th of this month. Also, the 14th would have my grandmother’s birthday.

Also this month some shows come back on. Including one I thought was canceled. I was really surprised that Falling Water is coming back on.

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