I finished reading Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is the sequel of Relic. I had started the book a long time ago but didn’t finish it until now.

Warning: there is some violence and a surprising twist.

Relic left off where the scientist Greg Kawakita was making a drug out of the plant the Museum Beast craved. He was trying to tame the virus within the plant. He also wanted immortality. In this book, D’Agosta was for a brick of heroin that someone threw off a bridge. He also found two skeletons. Both were headless. One was a teenage girl, the other was a mystery for awhile.  D’Agosta enlists Margo Green and Dr. Frock to help identify both bodies.  Later FBI agent Pendergast shows up to help with the killings that intensify. They do find out who is behind the killings and it the surprising twist.

I did like this book. Now I’m reading The Power by Naomi Alderman.

You can get the book at,,, and


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