Maximum Ride Forever

I finished listening to Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson. It is the last book of the Maximum Ride book series.  There are nine books in the series.

Warning: there are several sorta sad parts and one sad part.  Warning 2: there is some violence.

In this book, Max and the bird kids discover they need to leave the Island. Dylan went out to get the water jugs but never came back.  They thought he was dead.  They found one of his shoes. Angel kept saying they need to go to Russia, but Max was too stubborn. She wanted to go back to the Island to find her mother and half-sister. Angel showed Fang what will happen to him. Fang went to CA to find info. Iggy and the Gasman went to find a blogger in the west. Max and Nudge went back to the Island. Max learns her mother and half-sister is dead.  Then most of the flock were “killed” by a “horseman.” Later on, Fang finds Dylan alive, but Fang dies.  They all learn who is behind the destruction of the world and the attacks of the flock.

I sorta liked this book. It did have a great ending though. Now I’m reading Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz. It is the fifth book of the Odd Thomas book series.

You can get this book at,,, and

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