I finished listening to Cross by James Patterson.It is the 12th book of the Alex Cross book series. There is a movie “based” on the book which I’m going to watch. I had read already that it is loosely based on the book so prepared on Tuesday for a rant post.

Warning: there is lots of violence and some rape scenes.

In this book, Alex Cross describes the tragic death of his wife. His mother steps in to take care of his kids. Alex gets called in to do some jobs. One was to surveillance a mob boss. The problem is that mob boss gets killed while they were watching him. Alex finds out who killed the mob boss. But he doesn’t get him. One job though Alex could have been killed so he takes his mother’s advice and quit working for the FBI. He takes counseling jobs instead. He learns about some rape cases and helps Sampson on those. Then the rape cases and the mob boss hit combine into one big case. (the killer is one sick guy.) Sampson tells Alex who killed Alex’s wife many years before.

I liked this book I’m going to listen to The Angel Experiment by James Patterson on Saturday. It is the first book of the Maximum Ride book series. I will be watching the movie Maximum Ride on Monday.

You can find this book at,,, and

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