THe Edge of Darkness

I finished  The Edge of Darkness by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips. This is the fourth and last book of the Babylon Rising book series. I wish someone would take up this book series. I know Tim Lahaye died which is sad. It is a very good book series. I thought it would end nicely (as in tied up in a bow), but it leaves you hanging and they won’t be anymore.

Warning: there is one sad part.

In this book, it doesn’t start where the other book ended. It later is revealed that Michael and Levi do get out that tunnel they were trapped in. Michael does get a letter from the unknown man about another artifact. He goes to Charlotte to an underground fun house to get the next clue. This artifact deals with the Ark of the Covenant. Well, not actually, but the things that were missing from the Ark of the Covenant. The things that were missing were Aaron’s budding rod and the jar of Manna. Michael asks Levi to check on the fingerprint that he found when he was looking for an artifact. He learns who the unknown man is. The unknown man is a billionaire who lost his wife and kids in a plane crash. Michael goes to meet him. The man tells Michael that he is trying to stop the Seven. But on his second meeting of the billionaire, Michael upsets the man and the man won’t use him anymore.

Michael’s assistant gets attacked by Talon. Her ex-boyfriend was there and he saved her. But he later died. Talon gets in it in the end though. Talon and Michael fight over the backpack that had the stuff from Noah’s Ark. Talon’s mini-sub gets pierced and fills up with water. Michael was badly injured but lives in the end.

I loved this book series. I wish there were more books. Now I’m listening to Private Games by James Patterson.

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