Garden of Shadows

I finished reading Garden of Shadows by V.C. Andrews. It is the fifth book of the Dollanganger book series. It is the prequel of the book series.

Warning: there are several rape scenes, two dramatic scenes and hints of incest.

In this book, we get to see why the grandmother was so mean to Corrine’s children. Olivia is her name. She’s tall and thought she would never find the perfect man. Until her father introduced her to Malcom. She thought he was perfect until they got married. She wasn’t loved by Malcom like she thought. She was raped by him twice. They had two sons who she loved dearly. Then Malcom’s father came home with a new bride. This new bride was only 19. She was also pregnant. Malcom fell in love with his father’s wife. He tried to rape her. His father caught him about to rape her, and he attacked Malcom and then had a heart attack. After his father died, Malcom did rape his father’s wife and she had a baby girl. In a deal, she allowed Olivia to take the baby girl and she left with Christopher, her son. Later on, Malcom’s father’s wife dies and Christopher comes back to stay with them. Corrine falls in love with Christopher. Not only he is her half-uncle, but also he is her half brother as well! Malcom finds out and banishes them out of the house. Then Malcom has a stroke and a heart attack. Corrine and Christopher have three children. When Christopher dies, Olivia seeks John Amos’ advice. He tells her to hide away the children from the world. That is what she does.

I did sorta like this book. Now I’m going to read The Edge of Darkness by Tim Lahaye. It is the fourth book of the Babylon Rising book series.

You can get this book at,,, and


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