Seeds of Yesterday

I finished reading Seeds of Yesterday by V.C. Andrews. It is the fourth book of the Dollanganger series. I had read the first three. My hairdresser told me that I should read them all and not just the third book.  But Overdrive didn’t have the fourth book. I didn’t want to buy the book. I finally found it on Open Library and decided to borrow it from there. But I had a hard time converting it to my Kindle. Then I finally got it converted.

Warning: there are some hints of incest and one dramatic scene.

I saw the Lifetime movie that was based on this book. The only difference between the book and movie as I remember is that Jory doesn’t try to kill himself and there was no chapel.

I thought I read somewhere that the book hinted to who caused the accident that made Jory break his spine, but the book doesn’t hint to anyone. I think the movie did, I can’t remember.

In this book, Bart is turning 25, and he invites the family to the newly made Foxworth Hall with modern technology. He thinks he will be getting the rest of his money without Chris handling it. But after the grandmother’s will is re-read, he learns he will be only getting some of the money and Chris has to manage it until he turns 35. He also introduces the family to their long lost uncle Joel. Joel ends up being a bad influence to Bart. At Bart’s birthday party, Jory gets really injured. His wife has an affair with Bart while she is pregnant. She has the kids (twins) and then leaves.  Then a nurse comes and Bart falls in love with her, but the relationship doesn’t last. And she ends up marrying Jory. Chris gets in a car addict and dies. Cathy dies of a broken heart.

I sorta liked this book. It’s a sick book series. Now I’m going to read Garden of Shadows by V.C. Andrews. It is the fifth book of the Dollanganger series.

You can the book at,,, and


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