The Jefferson Key

I finished reading The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. It is the seventh book of the Cotton Malone book series. There are 12 books in the series.

Warning: there is lots of violence.

This book deals with pirates and Bath, North Carolina (I have visited there.  I live in North Carolina. My mother used to live in Greenville, North Carolina which is close to Bath. My uncle and I visited her once and looked around Bath, North Carolina. I didn’t know the town was once a pirate town. I did know about Black Beard, but didn’t know other pirates came to Bath.)

In the book, Cotton Malone gets an email from his former boss to come to New York. He and Cassiopeia go to NY. Cotton gets a message from his former boss to go to a hotel. Inside the hotel room, he sees a box in the window and a note addressed to him. He looks outside and sees the president outside. The box opens and shoots fire at the president!!  Cotton goes out the window and tries to stop or redirect the bullets. The another box opens in another window, and a rocket came out. Cotton redirects it and shoots at the other box.  Then Cotton runs from the police and the secret service. He does get arrested, but the president lets him go. The president was unharmed. The president tells Cotton and Cassiopeia that pirates had tried to kill him. They are called the Commonwealth.  They are four families and they call themselves privateers (but reality they are pirates.)  Mr. Hale is one of the four. He is the main captain. The other three captains had ordered the hit on the president. The main reason is because the president would not give them protection from being investigated. There was a puzzle that dated back from Andrew Jackson. The puzzle told where two papers that proved the letters of marque was real. Mr. Hale was determined to figure out the puzzle and find the two papers. Cotton also found out the email from his former boss was not exactly real. Someone posed as her. She was kidnapped by Mr. Hale. The person who sent that email was a former co-worker named Wyatt. Wyatt wanted Cotton dead because Cotton made him lose his job.  Later Wyatt sorta made up with Cotton. Cassiopeia learns about a secret of the president and the first lady. They both were having sorta affairs. She also rescues Stephanie, Cotton’s former boss. Then Cotton rescues Cassiopeia. Wyatt does find the papers and tears them to pieces. Mr. Hale dies with his ship and the rest of the Commonwealth gets arrested.

I loved this book. Next, I’m reading Seeds of Yesterday by V.C Andrews.

You can find this book at,,


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