The Europa Conspiracy

I finished listening to Europa Conspiracy by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips.  It is the 3rd book of the Babylon Rising book series. There are four books in the series.

Warning: there are several sad parts and a cliffhanger ending.

In this book, Michael Murphy gets another clue from the unknown man to another artifact. He had to swing on ropes. The artifact pointed to the writing on the wall. He wanted to go to Babylon again to see it. His preacher tells him about a man who talked about the end of the world. Michael goes to see him. The man tells Michael that he and his co-worker caused the Anti-Christ to come into being. Talon kills the man though. Michael loses the paperwork that the man had. Then Michael contacts a friend of his that has ties to the Middle East. He finds out about terrorists that were planned something in NY. Michael figures out Talon is behind the terrorists. The terrorists almost bomb a bridge. Meanwhile, a reporter for a news agency is sleeping with her boss. He tells her about the seven  He also wants her to get info on Michael. During one of the classes Michael was teaching, the reporter gets a change of heart. She tries to warn Michael but doesn’t get to. Later she stupidity calls Michael and tells about the seven. Of course, her phone was bugged, and Talon kills her. Michael and his team go to Babylon to search for the writing on the wall. He does find it and some treasure.  Then an earthquake happened. Michael and his team make it out alive. Then he learns his friend needs him in Israel. A man who was studying the earthquake found that it causes Israel to have Iraq’s oil. Talon kills him too. Michael and his friend experienced gunfire and they went underground and got trapped.

I did like this book. I have the fourth book on hold on Open Library. While I’m waiting on it, I’m going to read The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry.

You can get this book at,, and


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