The Rising

I finished listening to The Rising by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the first book of the Before They Were Left Behind.  Chronologically it is the first book in the Left Behind book series.

In the book, Rayford is a kid. He wants to be a pilot or pro-athlete. He does become a pilot. He meets his wife in ROTC. But at that time he “dated’ another girl, but he didn’t love her. He broke up with her and dated his wife. Meanwhile, overseas a woman has a very urge to have a baby. She is married to a man who she didn’t love.  She meets a medium and the medium tells her she will have a baby boy named Nicolae. The medium serves the Devil. The woman does have a baby. She tries to intervene to be a mother. She gets in a fight with her son which ends causes her death. He doesn’t care that he died!! He ends up finding out who the donors were and killed his fathers.  He is tempted like Jesus was. He thinks he is a god.

I did like this book. Next, I’m listening to The Regime which the second book of Before They Were Left Behind.

You can get this book at,, and


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