Paradise (Divine Comedy)

I finished listening to Paradise by Dante  Alighieri. It is third book of the Divine Comedy.

In this book, Dante goes to Paradise with Beatrice. Paradise is spheres and a garden. The lowest level is where  people have broken their vows. Once broken can’t be unbroken. At one point Dante wants Beatrice to smile, but she says if she does, she will hurt his eyes. She does though later, he loses his eyesight for a short while. Once restored, his eyesight is much more better. (I wish that could happen to me.)  Later he hears about preachers who aren’t like the preachers of the old. These newer preachers tells jokes to appease the listeners. (This is so true today.) (I saw an interview with Chris Rock who said he gets his inspiration from his grandfather who was a preacher.) At the end, Dante can’t really describe what he sees, but he has great emotion of it.

I liked this book. Next I’m listening to The Rising by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the next book of the Left Behind books series. It is before they were left behind.

You can get Paradise at,, and



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