Inferno (Divine Comedy)

I finished listening to Inferno by Dante Alighieri. I had been wanting to read Inferno for a long time, but I forgot about it. Inferno is the first book of The Divine Comedy. There are three books. They are poems.

Inferno was a little difficult to follow. I’m glad I got the pdf that came with the audiobook. By the way, on Goodreads a reviewer posted about a lego artist that did the nine levels of Hell in legos. The lego depictions are well made.

Anyway, Inferno is about Dante goes to Hell with Virgil as a guide.  There are nine levels of Hell of different sins in them.

I did sorta like it. Now I’m going to Purgatory. That is the second book of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

You can get Inferno at,, and


2 thoughts on “Inferno (Divine Comedy)

  1. Dante’s Divine Comedy, especially the ‘Inferno’ is always something I wanted to read as well! It was excellent and the interweaving of Greek mythology and well known peopleof history and of the time, made the story fascinating. Poetry type stories such as thiscan be difficult to read, often rearranging the tercets (3 lines) Dant uses, (in your head) makes things more understandable as does having the Sparks notes online beside you when u read on your tablet/phone/computer.

    There is so much lacked within this take. Glad u liked it too!

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