I finished listening to Armageddon by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the 11th book of the Left Behind book series. There are 16 books in the series.

Warning: one sad part and three very sad parts.

In this book, Chloe does something stupid. She goes out on her own to check out where the GC IS. She gets captured. She isn’t tortured, but she is drugged. She is given truth serum and an angel gives her strength. She ends up getting beheaded. (I didn’t want her to die.) Everyone else has to go Petria.  Nicolae shows his true colors and talks bad about God. The ten Kingdoms follow him to go against Israel. New Babylon is destroyed. The tech guy gets out New Babylon before the destruction. The Rabbi gets killed in the battle. Cameron gets hurt and dies.

I sorta liked this book. I didn’t want Chloe and Cameron to die. I’m listening to next is Glorious Appearing by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins.

You can get this book at,, and

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