The Emperor’s Tomb

I finished listening to The Emperor’s Tomb by Steve Berry. It is the 6th book of the Cotton Malone book series. There are 12 books in the series.

This book deals with China, oil, and the Terracotta Army. In this book, Cotton Malone gets a video of Cassiopeia Vitt being tortured.  She was kidnapped while on a mission. She said she gave the thing to Cotton. Cotton didn’t know what she was talking about. Later he finds out her mission was to save a boy who had been kidnapped. But to save the boy, she had to get a lamp. The lamp was filled with oil. Cotton almost dies trying to help Cassiopeia. He thought she died by falling in a cold river. (I was afraid she died too. I don’t want her to die.) She didn’t. In the end, the good Chinese politician won the battle, and the oil will be announced to the world.

I find the terracotta army fascinating. I found a website about it (below).

I really liked this book. I’m going to take a break from Steve Berry. I need to finish the Left Behind series before our church gets through with the book of Revelation. Next, I’m listening to Desecration by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins.

Here is the website:

You can get The Emperor’s Tomb at,, and


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