Paradise Lost

I finished listening to Paradise Lost by John Milton. I didn’t know it was a poem until I started listening to it. I wanted to read it because I had read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. The Golden Compass talks about Paradise Lost.  Also, I found while listening to this that the club in the Shadowhunters books called Pandemonium is also in Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost is about the fall of Man. Satan falls from Heaven and God makes the Earth. God also makes Adam and Eve. Eve has a dream about Satan deceives her, but Satan deceives her anyway. Satan is not well liked after this and he learns about God’s back up plan. Then before God sends them out of Eden, Michael tells Adam the future.

It was a little hard to listen to because of the flowery words, but I really liked the poem. Now I’m reading Paradise Regained by John Milton.

You can Paradise Lost at,, and

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