The Mark

I finished listening to The Mark by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the 8th book of the Left Behind series. There are 13 books in the series.

Warning: there are several sad parts.

This book is terrible and sad. Not terrible as in writing, etc. But terrible as in how people in the book really believe that Nicolae is God. It’s sad how people act in the book. The Mark is about the mark of the Anti-Christ. David’s secret girlfriend is killed at the “funeral” by lightening. David almost dies too. Nicolae orders guillotines to use on people who don’t take the mark. A few women refuse the mark. Nicolae also orders a pig to ride on when he goes to Jerusalem. Rayford and the others find a safe house and move in. One of the believers gets the mark of the Anti-Christ. (I think he will die in the next book.)

I really do like this series. Next I’m listening to Paradise Lost by John Milton.

You can get The Mark at,, and

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