The Alexandria Link

I finished listening to The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry on Saturday.  It is the second book of the Cotton Malone book series. There are 12 books in the series. I am really loving Steve Berry’s books. So far these books really made me think.

Warning: there are one sad part and some violence.

In the Alexandria Link, Cotton Malone’s son gets kidnapped. The kidnapping was actually a ploy to get Cotton to led the bad guys to the Alexandria Link. The Alexandria Link was actually a person.  This person knew where the Alexandria Library was and had knowledge that they wanted to use to their benefit.  Cotton did get his son back. In the end, some of the bad guys were killed and the library is saved from getting exposed.

I do have the third book, but I’m reading now The Circle by Dave Eggers.  I’m almost through with it. I’m thinking about watching the movie Monday instead of Children of Men.

You can get The Alexandria Link at,, and

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