The Shack (book)

Yesterday I finished reading The Shack by William Paul Young. It is a Christian book. It is fiction but reads like a true story. I did see the movie a few months ago. I had said I will give my theory when I finished the book. I’ll tell it below.

The movie and book are about a man named Mackenzie Allen Philips. His daughter, Missy, becomes missing on an outing at a lake. He gets a note from God asking him to go the shack where it happened. He does and he meets God who appears to him as a black woman and then as an older man. He also meets Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. God opens his mind and Mack becomes a new person. Later he finds out he had a car wreck.

There were some differences between the movie and book:1. in the book, it was the second week that Missy is taken. It seemed in the movie that she was taken a few days after they go there. The ending was different. The man who took Missy gets arrested in the book. Her body is laid to rest and the other kids were found.

My theory is that God used that car wreck so Mack wouldn’t take his revenge on the man who took Missy. Instead, God wanted him to make peace with what happened.

Now I’m reading Echo 3: The Dialectic of Agony by Kent Wayne.

You can get this book at,, and

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