The Templar Legacy

Someone had suggested that I should read Steve Berry’s books because they are like Dan’s Brown’s books. I decided to give Steve Berry a try once I finished reading the Dan Brown books on Overdrive. I’m glad I did. The first book really made me think. I finished reading The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry on Sunday night. It is the first book of his Cotton Malone series. There are 12 books in the series.

Unlike Robert Landon, Cotton Malone is not a professor of symbology. Cotton Malone is a former Justice Department operative. This book deals with the Templars and their lost treasure. Cotton’s old boss gets in over her head when she pursues her husband’s dream to find the Templar’s treasure. Her husband killed himself because he could find the treasure. Her son “supposedly” died while trying to find the treasure. But he didn’t die. He found the Templars and became one himself. They do find the treasure and her son becomes master of the Order.

I did put the second book on hold on Overdrive. Now I’m listening to City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. It’s the last book of the Shadowhunters series. It’s a long book.

You can find this book at,, and

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