Before I Fall (movie)

Yesterday I finally watched Before I Fall. It is based on the book by Lauren Oliver. I read the book a few months ago. The movie has Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Kian Lawley, Elena Kampouris, Cynthy Wu, Medalion Rahimi, Erica Tremblay, and Liv Hewson.

Warning: this movie could make you cry. But the book will really make you cry. The movie and book

The movie and book are about a girl named Samantha Kingston. She is trapped in a time loop where she relives the same day February 13 over and over. She describes it in the book as a Death Groundhog Day. She dies over and over. She eventually finds out what causes the car crash and saves the girl who was bullied. Like I said I think I would have written the ending differently.

There are some differences between the book and movie. They took out where she almost gets raped by the math teacher and she finds out two teachers are having an affair. And she gives a necklace to her sister near the end of the book. I think the book was alot better than the movie.

Next week I’m watching Resident Evil: Retribution.


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