Resident Evil: Afterlife

For my Resident Evil marathon, I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife. It is the fourth movie of the movie series. It has Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates, Spencer Locke, Boris Kodjoe, and Wentworth Miller.

Warning: there is lots of violence.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Many Alices take over the Umbrella Corp headquarters. Sadly they were killed in an explosion by the head of Umbrella Corp.who gets on a helicopter. The real Alice is on the helicopter too. He sadly makes her human again which is sorta a good thing. She goes to Alaska to see if Claire and the others are ok. She finds Claire with no memory. They go to LA and find other survivors and they tell them that Alaska was the safe haven. It’s a ship. The survivors have a prisoner which turns out to be Claire’s brother. (Wentworth Miller who plays him is on the show Prison Break. On the movie, he breaks them out of prison too. By the way, he’s so cute.) Later on, they find out the ship is run by Umbrella Corp. They rescue the others, but then more Umbrella Corp people come.

Next week I’m taking a small break to watch Before I Fall. After that, I will watch Resident Evil: Retribution.

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