Birthday weekend and other stuff

Today is my mother’s best friend’s birthday!! Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday!!

I did get a birthday card for my best friend. I don’t think we will be able to celebrate it. She will be 38 years old tomorrow.

I did get my hair cut yesterday. Also,  I tried to get rid of two gifts cards I didn’t know I had. They are Kohls gift cards. I got some opaque tights. I still have money on one card.

I finally decided to listen to a radio station online so I can find that song I can’t remember. They haven’t played it yet.

3 thoughts on “Birthday weekend and other stuff

  1. Since I went back to Norm’s Thurs. Doors, I saw your comment – love your blog background! Do you have an “About” section? Also, like to see your haircut:):) I paid plenty, but this one turned out boring and non-descrpt …


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