Resident Evil

For my Resident Evil marathon, I watched the first one. I couldn’t remember how the virus got out. All I could remember was the ending of the movie. That’s why I wanted to see all of them again. It has Milla Jovovich, James Purefoy, Michaela Dicker, and Michelle Rodriguez in it.

Warning: there is lots of violence.

There are two songs that remind me of this movie. One song I’ll put the video below. The other song I can’t remember the name of it. If anyone knows please tell me. It’s an alternative song with the phase let sleeping dogs lie. It’s not a new song. I think it’s a 90’s song.

Anyway, the movie is based on the video games. I had once thought about getting Chris the video games. The movie and video games are about a company called Umbella Corp. They are into bioengineering pharmaceuticals. They made a virus in an underground lab called The Hive. There was a serious “accident” that caused the virus to get in the air system. The computer named Red Queen shut down the lab. Alice wakes up not knowing who she is. Later she remembers talking to a woman named Lisa. Lisa was wanting the virus to expose Umbella Corp. Alice said she could get her the virus. Her “husband” overheard the conversation and took it upon himself to take down the company. But the virus has a bad side effect of making people into zombies. A team was sent to shut down the computer. Bad mistake which causes the zombies to be released, and another team releases them to the world.

Even though I don’t like zombie movies or shows, I do love Resident Evil. Next week I’m watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Here’s the song:

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