Yesterday and this weekend

A few days ago, my great-aunt had emailed me that she saw the movie The Shack. She said it was good and that she had read the book a few years ago. I didn’t know it was based on a book. I wrote her back telling her that I have been wanting to see the movie, but it would be awhile before I see it and that I would look up the book on Overdrive. Overdrive has the book, but there are 11 people ahead of me.

Then my uncle called on Wednesday saying we can go to see the movie as a late birthday present to me. The Shack was really good. It is a tearjerker. I do have a theory on the movie, but I’m not posting it until I get the book.

This weekend I hope to go to another movie with my best-friend, but the weatherman keeps saying the S word (snow). Hopefully, it won’t.


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