Today and this weekend

Today is my birthday!! I will be turning 37 at 5pm. I wrote Chris telling I’m 21 again. lol My mother made me a spice cake. It’s good. I got a soap rock from my great-aunt and a card from my mother.

This weekend my best friend and I will be going to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. While I’m gone, I hope my mother will dig up the roots of the holly bush (trees). I did get some zinnia seeds, aster seeds, and snapdragon seeds to plant in place of them.

5 thoughts on “Today and this weekend

  1. Happy Birthday.

    Couldn’t you find something entertaining to watch for you birthday? Dora The Explorer comes to mind, Bob The Builder maybe, even Peppa Pig holds more entertainment value that poorly written porn posing as erotica..

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