My new duvet

Many, many years ago, I had a bedspread of pink and lace. I got rid of it when I noticed the lace was getting holes in it. Then I got a bedspread that has pretty flowers embroidered on it. I noticed a few months ago that it was getting ragged on the edges. I thought it’s time to get a new one.

I searched everywhere for a new bedspread. I did see one that I sorta liked at Belks, but the reviews for it wasn’t too good. And some I liked, but they didn’t come in a twin size.

Then while I was doing one of my paid to click sites, I saw an ad for Bedding Inn. They had 3D bedding. I loved them.

Huge Warning: You will spend a few hours on that site. They have everything. Not just bedding. They have curtains (bathroom and living room), wall decor, bathroom accessories, doormats, lighting, pajamas, lingerie, hoodies, dresses (which I may get someday),  car seats, sleeping bags, tents, tablecloths, coffee mugs, swimwear, etc. It is maddening what they have on that site.

Anyway,  I couldn’t decide between unicorns or pink roses. I ended up choosing pink roses. I may get a unicorn one later on if this one falls apart.

It’s pink roses with a tiger print background. It’s a duvet with no stuffing in it. I may put my bedspread in the duvet. It also came with sheets and a pillow case.

Here is a picture of it on my bed: pic_0417


You can get this one at too.
Beddinginn Elegant Light Pink Rose Print 400-thread-count Cotton 4 Pieces 3d Bedding Set (Twin)

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