More work

Side note: I know people are fussing about the new reader on wordpress. I have to say I actually like it better than before.

Anyway, I thought about doing another paid to click site. I already do Neobux and Clixsense. I was thinking of doing Grandbux. Before I joined the site, I got Buxenger. It helps manage ptc sites. It’s really neat. I also joined an adult ptc site too.

Buxenger is an app you can add on Google Chrome or Firefox. The app though doesn’t fully support some of the paid to click sites like Neobux. Even though it’s not fully supported, you can still collect the sites like the supported ones. You won’t be able to get an automatic count of money you make on the site. It does save time.

Here is more info about the buxenger app and the other paid click sites I do.


3 thoughts on “More work

  1. Yes. The reader has been glitchy for me too… but I do think it looks better.

    Question: how do you keep track of your follows? By email, or do you trust the reader? I have noticed, when I finally get a chance to actually go to the sites I follow, I’ve often missed 2 or 3 blogs because the reader didn’t list them.

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      1. Thanks! I will try that… It’s been frustrating using WP… more than a few of the blogs I follow, I found using google. lol. For some reason, it’s just difficult to connect via WP. I’m going to tough it out for a year though and see what happens. When I blogged last time (back in 2006-2010) the blogosphere was hopping, but the platform was much more user-friendly. *sigh* (i.e. you could search for people by favorite movie, and get updates for follows on your site (not a reader), much easier to use…)

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