Burnt Offerings

Last night I finished reading Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton. It is the seventh book of the Anita Blake. It was pretty good.

In Burnt Offerings, Anita is asked by a fireman to investigate a series of mysterious fires. Some kind of creature was setting buildings on fire. She thought it was a vampire who had special powers, but she never heard of any vampire like that. Before she could really investigate it, Jean Claude had a little bit of trouble. The vampire council was in town. The council was of some serious powerful vampires. They want Jean Claude to take a seat on the council. He didn’t want to. In the end, Anita almost killed the leader of the council and she found out who was behind the burnings.

Now I’m going to read Blue Moon which is the eighth book of the Anita Blake series.

I still have the book set of Laurell K Hamilton’s book for sell on Ebay. You have six days to get it. There are five books. Guilty Pleasures, Lunatic Cafe, Circus of the Damned, Blood Noir, and The Laughing Corpse. I also listed this morning Burnt Offerings.

5 books by Laurell K. Hamilton on ebay      Burnt Offerings on ebay

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