Update on stuff

All  of my packages came. The duvet came actually really early than they had on Amazon.com. I was scared that it would come when I go on my secret trip. The duvet is very pretty. I have it on my bed now.

The dress and booties do fit. I can’t wait to wear them on my secret trip. The tights I got do fit too. I’m wearing the tights Sunday.

The camcorder battery and AC adapter finally came, and they both work. The battery is bigger than the one my uncle had with it. It supposedly last longer. The AC adapter works great. I have already taken some pictures with it. I might buy a bag for the camcorder with my gift cards so I can take it on my secret trip.

I will post a picture of the dress on Friday.

Today I watched the Victoria Secret fashion show. It was better than last year. Last year I didn’t like the music line up.

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