League of Gods

This week’s movie is League of Gods. Chris watched it with me and he liked it. It is based on a Chinese novel called Feng Shen Yan Yi (The Investiture of the Gods). The movie was made in July 2016. It has Jet Li, Bingbing Fan, Zhang Wen, Angelababy, and Tony Ka Fai Leung.

Warning 1: there are  subtitles and one sad part. Warning 2: there is a cliffhanger ending.

League of Gods is about a king named King Zhou. He is entranced with a fox demon who is disguised as one of his concubines. The king also had made a deal with another demon to be one with a black dragon. In order to kill the black dragon, you have to get the sword of the light. A man who was from a wing tribe ends up going on the journey to get that sword. He does get the sword, but the movie ends before they get to use the sword.

I did really like the movie. I hope there will be a sequel. Next week I’m watching The Heavenly Sword.


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