I’m back

I said I wouldn’t be able to post on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Well, Sunday Chris said he could come down that night. He left to go back up to NJ this morning. I did get talk to him about our trip to Las Vegas.

Thanksgiving was nice. My mother did come down. She left on Sunday morning. We went to my great-aunt’s house. Some of the family was there. My uncle decided to give me his camcorder that takes pictures instead of me getting a new camera. The only problem is that he didn’t give me an AC adapter and he said I might have to get a new battery for it. I looked everywhere for a battery and an ac adapter for that camcorder. None of the stores around here sells it.

So on Black Friday I got both on Walmart.com. I have no idea if they will work. They are supposed to arrive here on Friday. I also got a camera case for the camcorder, but it’s a little too small. I got a duvet. It’s a 3D pink rose design. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I also got some new tights and a new wallet. I used my Amazon gift cards to get some pink booties and a pink dress. They are supposed to be here today. I hope the dress and shoes fit. I also got a pink cardigan to wear with the dress. I also got washcloths. I also got some eyeshadow and makeup. I also got some jeans.

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