Petals on the Wind

Last year I had watched all the Dollanganger movies. When I watched If There be Thorns, I really wanted to read the book. I had found out the Overdrive had the ebook, but I didn’t have a recent library card. Before I got the ebook, I told my hairdresser about it. She said I should read all the books, not just the third one. So I read the first book. But then I noticed that Overdrive didn’t have the second book. So I read some of the samples from other sources.

Then recently I found out they had the second book, Petals on the Wind. So I got it and decided to read the rest of the series. Sadly they still don’t have the fourth book so I have to read it online.

Petals on the Wind takes place after the first book. The three children try to go to Florida, but Carrie is really sick. Luckily, a black woman works for a doctor and helps them out. That doctor takes them in. Cathy later marries a male dancer named Jullian. He gets killed in a car wreck. She has his baby. Her son is named Jory. Carrie does fall in love but later kills herself. This drives Cathy to go ahead with her plan to get revenge against her mother. She has an affair with her mother’s husband. She ends up having his kid. She names the other son Bart. In the end, her mother’s husband dies in a fire that her mother set. And the mother goes insane.

This book series is sick and twisted. Now I’m reading If There Be Thorns, and the Anita Blake book set came available too. So it looks like I will reading alot over this holiday.

You can find this book at,,,, and
book 2 on
book 2 on

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