The Monkey King 2

This week’s movie is The Monkey King 2. Like I said last week, I wanted to see this because of a martial art book series by Kylie Chan. The Monkey King does make an appearance in one book I read. The movie has Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, and Li Gong.

Warning: there is one sad part.

The Monkey King 2 takes place after the first one. The Monkey King was banned to a mountain for 500 years. A monk goes to the mountain. He is chased by a tiger and releases the monkey king. The goddess of mercy was telling him to go with the monk to the East. The monk was on a journey to get some scrolls at a temple in the East. On their way, they met two demons. One was a pig and the other was a blue muscle man. The demons said they were to go with them too. Soon they were in a town where children were taken. A rumor started that it was a white witch that was taking the children. But it was actually a king who was cursed. The white witch wasn’t mythical. She was real. She wanted to eat the monk to give her immortality. In the end, the white witch dies inside the monk and the monk asks the monkey king to kill him.

I really liked this movie. I read that there will be a third movie. Next week I’m watching the League of Gods.

You can find this movie at and

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