My white shoes

Many years ago I had some pretty patent shoes with little heels. I loved those shoes. A few years ago my mother got into one of cleaning moods and kept fussing about the shoes. They were scuffed up, but I didn’t care. I could call them black and white shoes. She refused and made me throw them away.

A few months later I made her take me shopping for some more white shoes since she threw those away. We could hardly find any white shoes in the store. I found some at last. They were little white sandal dress shoes made by Nina.

But one year when I wore them at Easter, my feet froze. So I looked up some shoes at payless. They had some cute ones, but they were only online. We went to the store anyway. Their shoe sizes aren’t normal. I found some cute white ones, but they are too wide. But I got them anyway. I did wear them to church a few times.

Flash forward to the present, I am hoping to take a trip soon with Chris. I thought about making a strap for those payless shoes. Chris is way taller than me and I usually can’t keep up with him. But when I tried them on a few days ago, my big toe is hitting the end on them. So I have decided to give them away.

You can find similar shoes at, and
Nina Tabytha Dress Sandal (Little Kid/Big Kid), Silver, 4 M US Big Kid
Smartfit shoes on ebay

Also, my five Laurell K Hamilton books are still on ebay.
5 books by Laurell K. Hamilton on ebay

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