The Blacklist season finale

I love and dislike the show. This season finale didn’t reveal anything. They promised they would finally reveal something. An empty promise. I read an article saying that The Blacklist may be canceled. But they are doing a spinoff though.

Anyway, in this season finale, Alexander Kirk goes completely crazy. He keeps saying that Red had falsified the dna test. The test had come back saying she was not a match to Kirk. Red didn’t falsify the dna test. Kirk again kidnaps Liz. Red finds out where they are hiding and stands in place for Liz. He also has a gift for Kirk. A doctor that will cure him. Kirk tortures Red. Under duress, Red says he is her father. (but does that mean anything? I mean it’s under duress) Red ends up telling Kirk something that we don’t hear. Then Kirk is gone. (I do think Liz’s mother falsified the first dna test so Kirk wouldn’t find out that Liz isn’t her daughter.) At the end, Liz says she believes Red and that she did shoot her father.

I can’t wait for Jan. Hopefully, someday he will finally say it.

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3 thoughts on “The Blacklist season finale

  1. I saw an episode of this last night, where Red is trying to rescue Liz from her dad and she puts the plane in the water. I have no idea what episode it is and how many I’ve missed since I stopped watching it but I got sick of the show because of the convoluted and ridiculous story lines. I liked the first series, second wasn’t bad but I don’t remember where I stopped watching.

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