The Monkey King

This week’s movie is The Monkey King. I have been reading a martial arts fantasy book series by Kylie Chan. In the books, they have Shens which are spirits or gods in ancient Chinese Mythology. In the last book, I read the monkey king was in it. This movie is his story. Side Note: I read an article last week that there will be movies made of the book series by Kylie Chan. The Monkey King was made in 2014. There will a new movie which basically the same that will come out the 30th.

Warning 1: there are subtitles in this movie. Warning 2: this movie is a little silly and it does have one sad part.

The Monkey King is about the birth of the Monkey King. There was a war between the heavens and demons. Princess Iron Fan, who is the daughter of the Jade Emperor, begged her father to not kill the demon king. He didn’t and banished them to Fire Mountain. Then the Goddess of Mercy used her crystals to make the Heavenly Palace back the way it was. The crystals made the Monkey King. The Monkey King grows up and the demon king tricks the Monkey King into opening the southern gate of the Heavenly Palace. Another war happens, and The Monkey King defeats the demon king.

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Monkey King 2.

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