I finished listening to Nicolae this past weekend. Nicolae is written by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It is the third book of the Left Behind book series.

Nicolae takes place after Tribulation Force. After the preacher died, Buck, Raymond, and Chloe did have a memorial service for the preacher. The secretary of the church had printed out the preacher’s notes for them. Buck ends up doing an uncover mission to save the rabbi from getting arrested.The rabbi was accused of killing his step-children. Buck does safety get him out of the country. The rabbi is put in the underground shelter. Nicolae is warned about earthquakes, but he doesn’t believe it. The earthquakes happen. The secretary of the church dies in the earthquake.

Even though the book ending in a cliffhanger ending, I really loved this book. To rest my ears a bit, I’m reading now Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton. I will listen to the next book soon.

You can find Nicholae at,,, and

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